Trump’s Blue Colors are Shining Through on Immigration Reform

 By Janice Barlow

FAR, FAR AWAY, off on the horizon, drifts the platform of conservatism. It is about to disappear out of view. President Trump has sold out not only the Republican Party, but all who voted for him who were strongly against any form of amnesty.

Sure, there were those who were for illegal immigrants remaining in our country and being granted a path to citizenship. But most of them voted for Hillary Clinton. Now, the ones who stood so firmly against it are discovering that they have to cringe and admit that they disagree with their bigger-than-life Master Apprentice in the Oval Office. Either that, or they are shifting gears and agreeing with him on this issue.

Herein lies the problem:

Immigration reform in the form of granting not 1.8 million, but over four million people amnesty over the course of the next 12 years, and a path to citizenship, pretty much guarantees that we will never see a conservative presidency again. Not that it was likely anyway, considering the lack of information that the average voter assimilates. But at least we had a shot. Before Trump.

Now, if we just look at the numbers in general, it paints a very gloomy picture. There are currently approximately 124,000 out of 800,000 DACA people in the state of Texas alone. This doesn’t account for the chain migration and youth that will reach voting age in the next 12 years. This doesn’t account for over 1 million DREAMer’s in the country either. By extrapolation, it would bring that number in Texas to a total of over 300,000. All it would take to turn Texas from red to blue is about 250,000 DACA/DREAMer’s to vote Democrat.

And vote Democrat they will.

Because it’s the Democrat party that will cater to them; give them the freebies, entitlements and recognition in society – and who will put the golden slave collars around them so that they will see the government as their loyal partner in life and not the obstacle that it truly is.

As goes Texas, so goes the country.

Turning Texas blue should be of major concern to all those Ted Cruz supporters who felt they had to jump on the Trump train because they let Cruz think for them instead of using their own brains. Well newsflash: Cruz knows what’s on the line here and he strongly opposes amnesty.

The warning signs have been flashing all along.  Donald Trump is a Democrat. He always has been and will continue to be one. Any modicum of principled conservatism crossing his lips is just playing to people’s fantasies.

After all, we know he lied outright to all three of his wives. A man who lies to his wife would have no problem lying to his country – and reading scripted speeches that his supporters buy hook, line and sinker.

As one of my most favorite people radio personality and pastor Phil Williams frequently points out, choosing a personality over principles compromises our characters. But it keeps happening. And people keep making excuses for it.

At what point does it become indefensible?

When does drifting toward liberalism become insurmountable? It’s not too late to turn around  But it’s really close. We are losing our foothold to the blue colors.

Even Breitbart released a recent article explaining that until all four million illegals, including the chain migrant families, become citizens, that no wall would be built to stop them. Breitbart – that coveted media of Trump supporters:

A near-final draft of the White House’s unlimited and forever amnesty bill says the administration wants $25 billion for a wall over the next five years, and will not cancel chain-migration or visa-lottery inflows until the last of the 4 million foreigners now in the pipeline have arrived in the 2030s.

Promises were broken all last year. Why do people raise up the same ideologue and expect any different?

Blue Colors




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One Thought to “Trump’s Blue Colors are Shining Through on Immigration Reform”

  1. Ellen Elmore

    Anyone who is surprised by Trump’s liberalism wasn’t paying attention in 2016. All the warning signs were there. People just ignored them because “the alternative was Hillary.”

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