Trump’s Stance on Immigration Turns the GOP into an Ill-Eagle


By Janice Barlow

THERE HAS BEEN MUCH ADO about immigration reform since, well, since I can remember. But now, more than ever, people want to see a solution to this ever-expanding issue. And many of them are not advocating amnesty.

Amnesty, for the purposes of this article, is allowing anyone who is in the United States illegally, to remain in the United States pemanently, whether citizenship becomes the result or not.

To its credit, the Trump administration has stepped up the number of undocumented alien arrests, but to its detriment, the number of deportations has actually dropped over the previous year. And each day that the laws aren’t enforced, that the border isn’t protected, that something isn’t done to prevent it, thousands more illegals come happily running, swimming crawling and leaping low fences into the United States.

Not to be forgotten are the ones who let their Visa’s expire, and then disappear into society, hiding underneath our noses, working jobs they were hired for while their green cards were valid. For whatever reason, they decided not to renew them. Many of them delay doing so indefinitely, simply because there is a cost of $540 to renew an expired Visa. Most people with expired Visa’s have families and don’t have the money to pay multiples of this fee. However, if they didn’t wait until beyond expiration, the renewal is only $55.

It makes you wonder what their motive was. Could they forget so easily that their legal time in the United States is drawing to a close? People with expired Visa’s cannot travel abroad or get jobs where a valid ID is required to be shown. They cannot renew driver’s licenses either. And this issue is rampant throughout the United States.  Over 700,000 people overstayed their Visa’s in 2017 alone.

Yesterday, Donald Trump clearly stated that he was for a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegals who are in the United States now. This number includes both DACA recipients (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DREAMer’s, (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors), the unconstitutional Executive Order created by Barack Obama. These are two SEPARATE PROGRAMS.

The rhetoric now among many conservatives is that this is Obama’s issue, and that it is not fair to undo it to the detriment of those who benefited from it for many years now. In other words, it would be saying “the government giveth, and the government taketh away.”

And the point is?

The government takes away every day! It increases regulations, taxes on goods and services, extends the age at which people can collect full social security benefits, hurts our veterans by cutting their benefits, cuts health services, etc.

In all fairness, why are we not putting America first, (as the President himself stated not that long ago) instead of rewarding those who came here illegally, cheated the system and stepped on those who did it the hard way.

Yes, we need immigration reform. In this manner:

  • We need to cut the red tape to allow the path to legal citizenship to be smoother and shorter for those who have applied and are waiting in line. The number of legal admissions needs to be fixed and monitored yearly.
  • We need to give HB1 Visa’s to those who can benefit our society with skills that we need and who can contribute in many ways, and not to those who are the takers and demanders.
  • We need to strongly enforce existing law by forever banning anyone from citizenship who has any felony record in their own country, or a felonious illegal who goes home and tries to come back here the proper way. A felony record, even with time served, should be an automatic permanent BAN, just as it would be for someone applying to purchase a gun.

But those are just logistics. What about ideology?

Are we a nation of people who should stand on our principles like a solid rock, or do we need to bend with the wind depending on what our favorite idol is doing? Donald Trump is obviously liberal in his position on amnesty.

What is the end result of granting a path to citizenship to 1.8 million people?

Based on historical data, it is highly likely that they will become Democrats. Democrats in Congress will give them the entitlements that they seek, the free candy and bright shiny objects that are disdained (or used to be disdained) by the Republicans who used to believe that hard work and sacrifice would lead to appreciation of what a person earns in life, along with a sense of gratitude. That whole concept seems to have fallen by the wayside in favor of bigger and more expensive government.

As of yesterday, a large contingent of Trump’s voting base has followed right along with him in his amnesty position as his MAGA hat has changed from red to purple, and now blue. He is openly for what Obama is for. The Democrats are licking their chops. Can this really be happening, they wonder? All this, and no wall to boot?


Not all Trump supporters are following down his gilded path though. Some are very angry. Among them are many Hispanic voters who loved how he wanted to keep them separate from the illegals by building a wall. They don’t want to be lumped in with illegal immigrants because they came here legally, or were born here; some of them are second or third generation, and they hold good jobs and contribute to society.

These folks have enough trouble with the prejudice in communities from ignorant people who assume they are illegal or can’t speak English. Now, if all these illegals become citizens, they will be competing with criminals (illegals broke the law, and even if amnesty gives them an undeserved pardon for doing so, they still cheated). It’s a slap in the face and teaches the good folks that doing things the right way earns you not a reward, but punishment.

And…I said ALL THAT to say this.

People who continue to stick with Donald Trump through thick and thin, through Russia Gate and an affair with a porn star where the six figure payoff was less than 2 years ago, where he has insulted Native Americans, world leaders, US intelligent agencies, and fired “all the best people” in less than a year — these people now have a dilemma.

They need to stick with Trump and agree that yes, amnesty is a “good Trump thing” and that they NOW flipped and AGREE with him. Just as they agreed with him that amnesty was not a good thing only a couple months ago. OR, they realize that this is the last straw and they need to jump off that left turning train. Because if they do not, the fact is very apparent, that no conservatives really should support Trump on this stance, but only Democrats. A party change is in order.

Change your hats folks, or jump.


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One Thought to “Trump’s Stance on Immigration Turns the GOP into an Ill-Eagle”

  1. Ellen Elmore

    As always Janice, you are 100% correct. MAGA has become a thing of the past – used only for Trump’s campaign purposes. I am not surprised by his about face on immigration reform. He always was and always will be a liberal Democrat. I have never been part of the Trump train. I did not vote for him OR Hillary in 2016. My motto: Not Trump, Not Hillary, Not Sorry.

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