Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s Dreamer’s Act: Is DACA Splitting Voters Once Again?


By Janice Barlow

LONG BEFORE DONALD TRUMP ANNOUNCED HIS CANDIDACY, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), also called the “Dreamer’s Act“, was a hotly contested issue. Most conservatives did not want a free ticket to amnesty for anyone. People who have struggled to become U.S. citizens the legal way would be cheated by those who would be given a pass, simply by nature of their arrival here illegally under the age of 31 in June 2012.

Also, if parents were illegals, their birth here would not automatically make them legal. This is not the same as an “anchor baby” where someone with a temporary visa gives birth in the US, and the child’s citizenship can then be decided between here or their mother’s own country. Illegals also have had anchor babies in the U.S. The whole family is considered illegal.  A “Dreamer” is a lawbreaker himself.

The liberals and others who say that conservatives are “heartless” for wanting to send them back, some from the only country they ever knew, think that these people have a right to stay here simply because they were born here or arrived here young. They grew up here, some in our public school system, which enabled them to attend with our tax dollars, without ever insisting on proof of citizenship. That blame IS cast on our system for negligence.

But there are several issues with DACA.

First of all, for the children who are under 18 whose parents are here, by law their parents must go home to their own countries. They are here illegally. So where do these kids go? Who is paying for their college? Why should they get free college education while thousands of American students continue to pay college loans for years? Why should these kids get to cut the line in front of thousands of others waiting to get here legally.

Don’t line cutters just irk you? At places like Disney World or concerts? It’s the same, but magnified many times over, because it’s rewarding illegal behavior.

One of Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to end DACA and send everyone home. Democrats were outraged. How, they wondered, would he send home all these young people, most of whom were, according to the liberals, – working here and paying taxes?

But now, like he has on other issues, Trump has flipped. DACA is more of a serious divider. If supporters stood strong with him on ending it, they are certainly the biggest hypocrites if they now stand with him on keeping it. There is nothing wrong with still supporting a president whom they voted for, and stating that they are not in agreement with a policy decision that he flipped on – a promise that he broke.

Yes, the program actually does end in March — IF it isn’t revamped and revived – and this is what it’s all about. Trump has agreed to revive it. I note that many people ARE disappointed in Trump for this. But on the other hand, others are now trying to defend him. “He’s allowed to change his mind.” “What about those “poor children who grew up here”?

So I asked them,”Would you be saying these things if Trump would have remained strongly against DACA?” And I received no answer except the standard fodder. “You are a Hater.” “You are mean.” “You don’t like anything the president does”.

Au contraire.  I supported Trump on nixing DACA. And I was more than disheartened when he decided to break the promise.

For those who say, “Well, he hasn’t broken it yet!“, I present here a video clip from CSPAN where he meets with Diane Feinstein and discusses DACA. You will note that there is no “bargaining chip“. In other words, there is no wall-for-DACA deal. Trump simply repeats himself several times that he will “do DACA” and then after it is done, they can address immigration reform.


The problem with that is pointed out to him in the meeting. He is told that Feinstein is not talking about National Security (a wall) when she mentions “immigration reform“. Trump ignores this point though, and is extremely open and friendly to Feinstein, his Democrat nemesis, or so we thought. He seems bored and kind of clueless in this meeting.

There also was a promise made between Congress and Trump to keep DACA and he said he would sign it.  DACA was a talking point with Barack Obama when Trump took office. What was said specifically in the meeting is unknown, but Trump came away from his meeting with Obama very impressed. No doubt he thought the liberal progressive guy who often showed disdain for America was very smart. Trump wants to be smart like Obama, so he wants to be like Obama. He even tells us he is a “stable genius“, a term probably never used in the history of the world by anyone to describe their mental state.

As Americans we need to look inward at our own ideology. Where did we stand on amnesty? What do we think about illegals taking our jobs, our college education spots? With the Gang of 8 that Trump hammered on during the debates? Where he went after Jeb Bush for his stance on amnesty? No doubt, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are moderate RINO’s and continue to demonstrate that with their amnesty stance. But Trump initially didn’t want the yoke of DACA hanging around his neck.

Now he does. Many Republicans don’t. Many voters don’t.

So the bottom line is this. These are the options:

You can be for Trump and remain against DACA. But it puts a little hole in your strong support for Trump if it was strong, because he stepped more to the left and you did not.

You can be for Trump and step along with him from no DACA to yes DACA, showing that you bend with the wind, just like your president, and personality over policy is more important to you. You are the uninformed voter who scares the rest of the voters. You side with Jeb and Marco.

You can be against Trump and against DACA, which means you agreed with him on DACA before he went rogue. That’s where I stand.

You can be against Trump and for DACA, which means you are an Obama/Hillary liberal who truly should claim Trump as well, since he is showing his true blue side more every day.

The most important point is that a promise was broken. Not just a little promise, but a big one.


Not a single day goes by without a Donald Trump insult to a person or a group. Even though illegal immigration is illegal, now his administration has to scramble to defend his “sh*thole” remark, describing countries he thinks are not clean and white, like Norway. I can’t keep up. One of my colleagues will be taking up that topic later today. 

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