The Purple GOP and Why it Must Bleed Red Again

By Janice Barlow

WELL, IT’S FINALLY HERE. The year of the midterm elections. Instead of being revved up and ready to hit the ground running, Republicans seem skittish. The candidates and Congress members are not red-blooded anymore. They are oxygen depleted and absorbing the blue of the liberals. They are turning purple.

Some are announcing their retirement, like Senator Orin Hatch (Utah) who served for 40 years. He certainly should retire though. His most likely replacement at this point is Mitt Romney, another moderate with a slightly better liberty score, but certainly far from anything resembling a conservative stance.

The voters who stayed home and avoided voting for Romney five years ago, even at the expense of an Obama second term, aren’t enthused about having him in the Senate. (Oddly, these same voters rushed madly to the polls to vote for Donald Trump, who also is far from conservative, to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. They feared the old hag in pantsuits more than the progressive who hated America). Others who are not returning are also moderates (Or better known as RINO’s): Jeff Flake – AZ, Bob Corker – TN. We may not have heard the last from them though.

It’s not so difficult to note that the candidates Donald Trump tends to support end up losing. This happened to the Democrats who ran under Obama as well. There is something to be said about a toxic president with low approval ratings endorsing a candidacy. Because Mitt Romney has a deep disdain for Trump, it may just be his ticket to Washington. Incumbents should probably distance themselves from the president and redirect his attention to other issues. SQUIRREL.

What, if anything, is working in the Republican’s Favor?

In Minnesota, there will be a special election to replace Democrat Al Franken who resigned from pressure due to sexual harassment allegations and admissions. Until that election, which will also take place during the midterm elections in November, the Lt. Governor of Minnesota, Tina Smith, is being sworn in today to fill the seat. However, Michele Bachmann, a conservative Republican is seriously considering running for it, which could be the one light in a darkening Senate scenario for the GOP. She will need a lot of support from the party, although hopefully not from the president. Minnesota is not bleeding red enough.

Ted Cruz, (TX) should have a lock on his red state. His Democrat opponent, Beto O’Rourke, is pretty much a nobody who favors open borders. He is young and inexperienced, and even has a mug shot in his infamous past, which includes dropping f-bombs at barbecue fund raisers. Texas Christians aren’t impressed.

Retirements are much more prevalent in the House, where every person is up for re-election or replacement. There are 25 Republicans who are not running again in the House.  This is inevitable, given the sheer number of its members, but there is some wiggle room. Hopefully, the GOP will see a modicum of balance as some seats are surrendered to the Democrats, others may be picked up on the Democrat side by Republicans. At this date, its just far too early to get a handle on it.

The fuel driving the Republican party though is not what was filling its tank when the Tea Party rose up in response to rampant political correctness. Instead, the party keeps shuffling to the left, compromising with the Democrats on many issues that would have been horrifying to its members a mere decade ago.

As many voters who have either left the party, or ideologically claim that they would no longer vote for their party have stated, “I have not left the Republican party. It has left me.” – a reference to Ronald Reagan‘s famous quote about the Democrat party many years before he became president.

Real Clear Politics published an article in September of 2014 that rings true today about how the Republicans have started leaning to the left. It was long before Trump. In fact, it appeared to be an effort by many to appease Obama.

Why is this happening?

The loss of a spine by so many RINO’s has caused conservatives in DC to look like they are part of an alien camp and not the real deal representing the true conservative base. I could only hope to imagine a Republican Senate filled with members like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Ben Sasse, and even Rand Paul with his strong stance for competition in health care. A Senate without RINO’s would be an awesome thing to behold.

But instead, the result is approaching a one party system, with a fringe of conservatives who get trashed if they don’t go along with the general consensus, (which often includes appeasement for the Democrats, such as increasing child care tax credits in the tax bill for people who pay absolutely no taxes to begin with). So the conservatives go along with the vote, unhappily conceding that “at least it’s an improvement over what it was before.” But none of them are out there praising the crap out of the tax reform bill. If they are, their conservatism is draining away. Keep your eyes wide open.

One more area of concern for the Republicans is at the all-important state level. The mid-terms have much more of an impact for the voters in our own states. It should be noted that conservative minorities are not at all happy with the Trump administration, and in some states, like Ohio, (according to the Northern Ohio Liberty News the Republican candidates are switching parties to become Democrats. This is a frightening trend for the GOP. It’s a trend they were excited to see reversing under Obama, but all that is being wiped away now as the racial problems of Charlottesville and alt-right backers of Trump are chasing these minority conservatives back to their old party, where they can be comfortable without the racism issue.

Ten months and counting.

Don’t go into the voting booth uninformed. Don’t vote for a Democrat or an unknown out of spite against Trump. It could take a decade or more to regain any semblance of conservatism if we let progressivism gain a foothold once again. But start sending a clarion call now. We don’t want RINO’s in DC. Either the tone needs to shift or they will have to go. I know it sounds like I’m talking out of both sides of my head here, but the answer is: Vote for those who stand for the Constitution, for conservatism and for you and have a proven record of doing so, not just squawking points. 

As the election looms closer, I will be pointing out where conservatives stand and where they fall short. No one is perfect. Not one. But we must move back toward the right and stop this shuffling left, or we will lose our ideology without even losing any seats.


Janice Barlow is a True Crime author. Her books are on Amazon, as well as one about her beloved greyhound, Daisy.






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