With Friends Like Trump, Israel Doesn’t Need Enemies

Whoop de friggin’ doo! Like sporting a yarmulke and touching the Wailing Wall, President Trump fed his cult with yet another meaningless STUNT by declaring the obvious… that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.  BUT… there’s a YUGE Trump “but” here…

Simply recognizing Jerusalem would only reaffirm existing law.

In 1995, President Bill Clinton signed the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act, which formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The law called for the capital to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem no later than 1999. However, the law allowed the president to issue a waiver every six months to keep the embassy in Tel Aviv if necessary to protect national security interests.

In typical Trump fashion, he tells the world he will make good on his campaign promise to move the embassy, yet signed the waiver in June and agreed to sign it once again, which means, as of today, the embassy is going nowhere.

The Trump White House made it clear back in April 2017 that he would not move the embassy until there is “peace” between Israel and the Palestinians. Trump said, I want to see peace with Israel and the Palestinians. There is no reason there’s not peace between Israel and the Palestinians — none whatsoever.

Really? No reason?

By October 2017 Trump declared, I want to give that [peace] a shot before I even think about moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Ok, Trump.  Although you drew loud boos from the audience, at the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum in Washington, D.C., when you refused to declare Jerusalem was the undivided capital of Israel…

Can I at least pin you down on Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel? Is that a position you support?” RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks asked. “You know what I want to do? I want to wait until I meet with Bibi,” Trump replied. As he was loudly jeered by an audible member in the room, Trump turned to his left and asked, “Who’s the wise guy? Do me a favor, just relax. You’ll like me very much, believe me. Don’t worry about it.

And claimed to be a “neutral guy” who didn’t want to fault Palestinian terrorism during the primaries…

Let me be sort of a neutral guy. I have friends of mine that are tremendous businesspeople, that are really great negotiators, [and] they say it’s not doable. You understand a lot of people have gone down in flames trying to make that deal [peace between Israel and the Palestinians]. So I don’t want to say whose fault it is — I don’t think that helps.

And that it was up to Israel to make MORE sacrifices to the Palestinians

A lot will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal – whether or not Israel’s willing to sacrifice certain things.

Haven’t you already been giving it “a shot” by throwing Israel under the bus?

With only a few weeks into your presidency, the White House released this statement warning Israel against building new settlements, “While we don’t believe the existence of settlements is an impediment to peace, the construction of new settlements or the expansion of existing settlements beyond their current borders may not be helpful in achieving that goal.”

Hmmm… With doubletalk like that, it doesn’t seem like you were off to a very good “neutral” start.

In an “unprecedented” move, you broke bread with Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, in the White House. You said, “We want to create peace between Israel and the Palestinians…”  You promised, “We will get it done. We will be working so hard to get it done.”

Furthermore, while your Administration cut foreign aid to most countries, you implemented a 4.6 percent INCREASE for both the West Bank and Gaza – a total of $215m (£168m) for fiscal year 2018.

Did any of this help “get it done?”


However, some are praising Trump for making his “promise” more concrete by calling Abbas personally and alerting him to the “eventual” move. But then we have new reports that Trump is suspending the move indefinitely amid a wave of international pressure from 57 Arab and Muslim countries, warning him of the possible ramifications.

Bottom line. To those ready to dance in the streets and eat cake over Trump’s cheap talk, I say it means nothing that “moving the embassy until there is peace” Trump has magically morphed into “moving the embassy will encourage peace” Trump, especially since he is still planning to be “sign the 6 month waiver” Trump. Of course, let’s not forget “neutral” Trump, who has historically sided with the Palestinians. But trumping all these Trumps is the reality that all Trumps are pathological lying Trumps. Take your pick.

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  1. Perfectly said! Thank you for expressing my frustration, I agree with every word.

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