The Trojan Horse of Trump, The Democrat Who Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

By Janice Barlow

President Trump has managed to pull off one of the most amazing feats in the history of American politics. He has almost singlehandedly dissembled the Republican party.

It has become quite apparent that his increasingly spectacular gaffes and lies are not fumbles, but are actually intentional. No one could have possibly risen to the position of the leader of the free world and unwittingly continued to become an international embarrassment.

No, Trump’s behavior is calculated.

In fact, he is so successful at it, that he is probably wondering just what he needs to do to have his devoted base start stepping away from the astoundingly ridiculous pettiness he perpetuates almost daily. Why in the last week alone, Donald Trump:

  • said that Time Magazine called him and told him that he would ‘probably’ be Man of the Year for their magazine cover and they would need to do a photo shoot. Time Magazine’s response was that it never contacts its Person of the Year prior to December 6th, so no, it did not contact the president. (Besides, he had earned that honor last year).
  • said that the voice on the Access Hollywood tapes used last year to show his disrespect for women and what he would do to them anytime he wanted was not really him. He said the tapes were faked! He recounted this after he admitted last year that yes, that it was him, but it was just “locker room banter”, and that it was a typical media smear job to not let him know that he was being recorded. So which is it, Mr. President? Is it you or is it not on the tape? It sounds exactly like you. And I think the person you were speaking with, Billy Bush would certainly remember.
  • was angered that four UCLA basketball team players whom he helped get out of trouble in China for shoplifting, did not thank him for it. He said that he should have just left them all there, an extreme reaction for not being thanked. Then when they actually did thank him, he still kept tweeting about it, angering one of the player’s dad’s to say something stupid in response. Then Trump went after him. None of this would have happened if Trump just would have let it go and been silent after he helped get the young men released. It would have made him look like the better man. But he didn’t.

Not to outdo himself, just today, he told a group of Native American code talkers who had served in World War II that there was a woman in Congress known as Pocohantas who had also been around “a long time”, but that he liked them because they are special. It was an inappropriate remark, and also, the Native Americans looked rather confused by it. Did they even know who the real Pocohantas was?  I mean, she is part of the lore of Algonquin Indians in the 18th Century, which has nothing to do with the Navajo who were with Trump today. He dramatically fails American History once again.

And of course he had to throw in that jab at Elizabeth Warren, the Senator he refers to as Pocohantas because of her claim of Native American heritage. It had absolutely nothing to do with the ceremony today.

However, all of these incidences and more are not coincidental.

They are intentional. From the random outlandish comments made to little children in costume visiting him on Halloween to staring at the sun without any eye protection during the solar eclipse – these are all part of the image Trump wants us to see.

The personal attack tweets on the victim of the moment on Twitter are intentional. The continuous torpedoes launched at all media except Fox News are not spur of the moment. They all appear to be prearranged in preparation for Trump’s own media launch, or perhaps a future arrangement for his own shows on Fox.

Trump’s need to personally attack many in his own party, while randomly ignoring others, has got the Republicans in Congress in a flux. They are like fish trying to swim in two inches of water, flipping and flopping and crashing into each other, without direction. There is no leadership. And nothing major is getting done.

All the Trump supporters can say is, “Trump is making America great again! MAGA!”. Well most of us know that it is certainly not the case, but there is no room here for the long list of reasons why. Again though, it is no coincidence why the left is getting its own agenda accomplished.

Donald Trump is a Trojan Horse.

He is part of a plot by the Democrats to take down the Republican party from within, so that it is out of commission for the indefinite future. Trump has no interest in this job, other than the fact that he won, and he loves the attention. He despises the criticism though, and he is now trying his best to get removed from office. His attention span is shot.

But nobody is listening. The GOP has allowed the Democrats to infiltrate their party with a Velcro R, and it’s too late now. The Trojan Horse has been exposed. Truly we have not seen the end of the gaffes, lies, and childish tweets. But as they occur with increasing frequency, we need to recognize that Donald Trump is not really stupid as it seems. He’s doing this on purpose. He is a Democrat. He always was and always will be.

The saving grace in all this, is that his support base is like a sleeping lion and some of it is finally starting to awaken.

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3 Thoughts to “The Trojan Horse of Trump, The Democrat Who Knows Exactly What He’s Doing”

  1. Dina Bern

    Really??? If you think, or believe, that the Navajo Veteran Elders don’t know who Pocahontas was only because she was not a member of their tribe, you’re not as smart as you pretend to be. In regard to Trump, he’s nothing but a Russian mole, the same as his son-in-law and Tillerson (among a few others, but these 3 are have been the most effective up to now). The mission of ALL Russian moles is to destroy the US, the whole country, from within and without, not just a party. Your mission is to blame the Democrats for the actions of the Kremlin and the treasonous Republicans who protect all the Russian moles. If you’re being aid by Trump, the Republicans or the the Russians I don’t know, but you’re getting something for this idiotic attempt to create another conspiracy theory.

  2. Dianna Chaney

    I’ve wondered about that before-many times too, Janice. But he’s pretty stupid. He really, really is. He’s skated through life as a spoiled rich guy-by the seat of his pants. And with some luck. He’s been privileged and therefore many people THINK he’s smart. When really he’s as dumb as a box of rocks-and has absolutely no qualms about screwing people. He learned how to work the system. When he gets in trouble financially-he uses bankruptcy laws. When he needs to put up a crappy gaudy building or an eyesore parking lot-he pays off politicians. How sad that so many people let their anger and hatred for obama and clinton take over their good sense. I used to have hope for this country. I no longer do.

  3. Lary Keon

    What a joke, claiming The President is part of a democratic party plan to destroy the Republican party is a fantasy. The Republican party is totally responsible for its own demise, starting with president George Bush Sr ., who i campaigned for., majority of so called called conservatives are sheep in wolves clothing, lying to get elected and then betraying their party.

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