Is Trumpism Conservatism?

By David Cholesterol

Is Trumpism Conservatism?

The short answer. No. It’s dangerous in more ways than one (a topic for another post), but Conservative it is NOT.

For example: Working with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to eliminate the debt ceiling, a $1.1 Trillion Omnibus, and Ivankacare maternity entitlements is not Fiscal Conservatism.

Ineptness, isolationism, warning Israel against building new settlements, and saber-rattling with North Korea is not National Security Conservatism.

Presenting a budget to Congress that funds murderous Planned Parenthood and subsequently signing it is not Social Conservatism.

I know… some might say, “What about Trump saying/doing this or that?

I say, “Reaganesque 3-tiered Conservatism is a system of ideals, and they are ideals that are not predicated on lies or dismissing harsh truths as lies.”

It’s simple. If you must lie or defend lies, it is not Conservatism.

If you must scream, “FAKE NEWS!” at every criticism of Trump, it is not Conservatism.

If you must envelop yourself in conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory to justify Trump’s transgressions against Conservatism, it’s certainly kooky, but it is not Conservatism.

If you must ignore/defend Trump’s corruption and nepotism, it is not Conservatism.

If you must defend communist Putin, it is not Conservatism.

If it advances the agenda of Pelosi and Schumer, it is not Conservatism.

If it grows and tightens the grip of the Federal Government, it is not Conservatism.

I know what some of you are saying… “What about all of my ‘conservative’ friends? Rush Limbaugh? Drudge? FOX News? All of the overrun “conservative” groups and pages on social media?”

Keep in mind that the Democrat MSM and Trump propagandists agree on one thing: Trumpism (aka. an ALT-REICH populist nationalist culture led by an unstable inept conman) is “Conservatism”, even though it isn’t.


Two reasons.

#1. When it comes to the useful idiot electorate, trapped within their own sycophantly devoted misinformation bubbles, many Democrats and Trump supporters don’t know what Conservatism means (aka. the dumb (m)asses).

#2. Those who do know (comprised of both the Democrat MSM and the Trump propagandists), willingly bastardize Conservatism by deceitfully blaming or crediting it in order to manipulate those who don’t know. This group either does it for monetary reasons or serves a twisted agenda contrary to the tenants of Conservatism. The bottom line is, both the Democrat MSM and the Trump propagandists use the bastardization of Conservatism to further their own agenda.

The political Trumpublican (my pet name for Trump Republicans) game is, “see what the Democrats did?” to outrage their base, and the Democrat game is, “See what the Trumpublicans did?” to outrage their base, all while the ideology of Reagan, Buckley, Churchill, and Sowell is being redefined in Trump’s unholy name.

This is why, as a Constitutional Conservative without a political party, there is nothing a Democrat could do to get me to run into the arms of Trump, and consequently, nothing Trump could do to get me to run into the arms of the Democrats. In other words, while I continue to vet everything through the prism of Conservatism and Faith, let them kill each other, and let God sort them out.

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2 Thoughts to “Is Trumpism Conservatism?”

  1. Karen

    Excellent – Hits the nail on the head!

    1. David Cholestrol

      Thanks Karen.

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