Why Bernie Sanders Should Have Been a Professor at a Liberal Arts College

By Janice Barlow

Bernie Sanders, Independent Senator from Vermont, ran as an Independent, because, as an admitted Socialist, it is not likely he would have gleaned enough support to make it as far as he did in the last presidential election, nearly defeating his opponent, Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

In light of last Wednesday’s tax plan debate with Ted Cruz, R-TX on CNN, where Bernie Sanders kept repeating mantras about the Koch brothers, (he himself was backed by George Soros), and the top 1% getting the biggest tax breaks, I felt it was time to refresh people’s memories on what Sanders represents.

Bernie Sanders has a background of working entirely in the public sector, having never held a private position with any firm. Barack Obama can also make this claim. Sanders’ causes were many; his protest memberships were prominent, and to this day, Sanders is passionate about changing the framework of the United States to one of a society of pure socialism.

Inherent in that deep desire are several problems.

First, Bernie Sanders is wealthy in his own right. This reality is counter to his beliefs, so it must represent the typical expression of government, which is “do what we want you to do, and not what we do ourselves.”

He likes to tout that his net worth is under a million, which it is, but his wife’s is well over a million. Does that mean that as a married couple, they do not count their household assets together?

His salary is $174,000 a year, not counting speech fees and lobbyist money, which all Congress people accept, no matter what they say about lobbyists. Not included in his net worth are two very pricey homes, because they are in his wife’s name. And of course, he will receive a lifetime, tax free government pension for his years as a Congressman.

What do Bernie’s supporters want?

Contrary to popular belief, a large contingent of Bernie’s supporters have little understanding of Socialism. They are young, they are not earning much money, and many are college students who had latched onto an eccentric person outside of the capitalistic, materialistic world that they will confront upon graduation and are being brainwashed to abhor. Their professors are primarily liberal. Their parents are often wealthy enough to be able to afford the tuition and room and board for them. Sometimes not.

But while they whine about social injustice, and the imbalance of wealth, lack of health care for the masses, and free collegesome drive to campus in Beamers and Prius’s, with $700 iPhones and sporting North Face gear. Many take courses in Social Justice, Socialism, Communism, and Utopianism, claiming it for themselves and their futures.

None of their classes invite guests who grew up in Russia or even Sweden, (now being overrun with immigrants, and having a rape crisis), to speak of the day-to-day life and financial suppression of socialism or in a post communistic land of shortages.

Other Bernie supporters are millennials and older folks who disdain capitalism, big pharma, Wall Street, and the like, but still do not begrudge themselves big plasma screens, nice vacations and vehicles, needed and boutique medications, and 401K’s.

The rest of Bernie voters are the ones who want to remain entitled and not contribute to society in any way, but just TAKE. Gimme, gimme gimme. Bernie is for them all the way.

Is something rotten in Denmark?

Bernie speaks of Denmark and its wonderful system of free health care for all, and how college students are paid to attend college there. These “freebies” are based on a minimum 40% income tax rate however, and in order to get that college benefit, high grades are necessary, just as they are for academic scholarships here. Bernie neglects to mention that detail.

All must pay the tax, even single people and childless couples who cannot benefit from free college.

People from Denmark may tell you how wonderful it is to live there too. They appear healthy (even though their rate of cancer is the highest in the world). They ride bikes everywhere, which is a fine model. But try to buy a car in Denmark. A $20,000 US priced car will have a 25% sales tax added as well as at least $10 a gallon in gas prices. With an average income of $61,000 PRETAX, it’s easy to see why one car in a lifetime is the norm.

Yes, Danes love it there…until they spend time here. The freedom and choices are overwhelming. The relatively inexpensive costs of goods and services here shock them. Lower taxes amaze them. And most importantly, the ability to achieve whatever a person wants to strive to achieve is totally foreign to them. Thinking and reaching outside the box is not part of their upbringing. The university structure in Denmark is limited and classes are set by the government.

It’s why as a whole, except for the Bernie ilk, America doesn’t elevate Denmark, or any European nation, (most of which have far worse immigration issues, terrorism, and sex trafficking dangers) as a model society. But I have deeply digressed because Bernie Sanders has a flawed premise.

Denmark’s society is not one of socialism. It is a monarchy. It has some unions, and thus, some union corruption. And it has government regulations set by the legislative branch AND by its parliament. All in all though, outside of recent immigration issues and a growing sex trafficking problem, it is not a crime riddled society.

But it is not a Robin Hood society. It is not a socialistic government system. Everyone gets hit the same with a confiscatory tax and a government run college system. There are no private universities. So it’s no “land of the free” either. But the bottom line isBernie used the wrong example to exemplify SOCIALISM.

Speaking of Universities, I am flummoxed as to how a wildly socialistic outdated and narrow-focused Senator like Sanders is even in Congress. He belonged in an ivory tower in a liberal college, maybe sub-ivy league. He would have had a cult following like now, but the impact would just have been on their brains and not on a vote for a socialist running for president.

This massive collegiate waste of time is happening anyway at these liberal institutions, and staying out of the Senate would have saved it Sanders’ repetitive socialistic posturing for big nanny government policies and ever increasing entitlements and taxes.

Bernie, it’s too late for all that. Your destined career path will simply mark you in history as “the socialist who never won the presidency”. It could have been different. You could have been the famous mad professor of wealth redistribution, and not part of the wealthy Congress who does things differently than what they preach.


Janice Barlow is a True Crime author who is currently working on a book about the effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam Veterans and their families.  https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00SUAE9Z4

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